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The Experts at Market America Teach Entrepreneurs How to Avoid 5 Critical Mistakes When Starting an E-Commerce Business

The Market America Headquarters in North Carolina



Market America continues to support entrepreneurism through a variety of e-commerce business opportunities and training programs.

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2022 / — Market America continues to support entrepreneurism through a variety of e-commerce business opportunities and training programs, as well as through its unique and revolutionary system for UnFranchise Owners . Many people are looking for new avenues to start businesses as they continue to witness the digital transformation of the workplace and changes in the economy, including retail store collapse, the rise in online sales, one-to-one marketing replacing mass marketing, and a rise in entrepreneurship.

As part of their instruction and training, UnFranchise Owners learn from the experts at Market America about five of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make when trying to start an e-commerce business. These critical takeaways include:

“Hesitation has killed more businesses than recession –– and far too many people are hesitant to pursue their dreams. When you see an opportunity no one else sees, don’t let that fact hold you back from acting. Timing is everything in business, and it’s often better to be too early than too late. The point is –– if you have a shot, take it. Don’t hesitate, or you may regret it the rest of your life.”

“Don’t fight reality. Some visionaries get so caught up in whatever they’re trying to create that they lose sight of the current reality of ever-shifting parameters. Change is the only constant in business, so you must be aware that your expectations and execution must match the current reality –– not the reality you set out to change months ago. Keep up with what needs keeping up because, in an e-commerce business, everything is a moving target.”

“Don’t try to be a one-person army. If you’re building big dreams, you’ve got to learn how to delegate. Letting go of different elements of your projects is difficult for many entrepreneurs, but you have to realize that occasionally it pays to delegate certain tasks to the experts.”

“Don’t follow the fad. It’s really dangerous to focus on one niche because, in the modern world, businesses and institutions we think will be around forever have the capacity to change or vanish overnight. You really have to hedge your bets but do so in a way that doesn’t compromise the position or your e-commerce business. For us, it’s about developing different/diverse product lines –– so you have to find different ways to protect yourself from an ever-shifting economy.”

“Overextension –– sometimes entrepreneurs lose sight of what they should focus on because they’re too busy trying to accomplish too much. Not all of us are Elon Musk. Find a way to pour yourself into your projects without overextending and losing the plot. Do what you do best and hire the rest.”

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of the digital transformation of the workplace and the changing economy with the UnFranchise® Business. The company provides a systemized, standardized and uniform e-commerce business model with market-driven products and services, management and marketing tools, branding and increased visibility, along with ongoing business planning, training and support. UnFranchise Owners can develop their business part time with flexible hours by following a detailed plan of action. UnFranchise Owners are provided with a SHOP.COM website and other retailing websites, as well as products, technologies and systems to support their business-building efforts. The company handles most of the administrative, shipping and distribution duties so the UnFranchise Owner can focus on performing the result-producing activities, serving their customers and building their UnFranchise Business.

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About Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is a global e-commerce and digital marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing and is the creator of the Shopping Annuity. Its mission is to provide a robust business system for entrepreneurs while providing consumers with a better way to shop. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, and with eight sites around the globe, including the US, Market America Worldwide was founded in 1992 by Founder, Chairman & CEO JR Ridinger. Through the company’s primary, award-winning shopping website, SHOP.COM, consumers have access to millions of products, including Market America Worldwide exclusive brands and thousands of top retail brands. Further, SHOP.COM ranks 19th in Newsweek magazine’s 2021 Best Online Shops, No. 55 in Digital Commerce 360’s 2022 Top 100 Online Marketplaces, No. 80 in Digital Commerce 360’s 2022 Top 1,000 Online Retailers and No. 10 in the Digital Commerce 360 ​​2022 Top 500 Primary Merchandise Category: Mass Merchant. The company is also a two-time winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, joined BBB National Programs as a National Partner in 2022 and ranked No. 15 in The Business North Carolina Top 125 Private Companies for 2021. By combining Market America Worldwide’s entrepreneurial business model with SHOP.COM’s powerful comparative shopping engine, Cashback program, Hot Deals, ShopBuddy®Express Pay checkout, social shopping integration and countless other features, the company has become the ultimate online shopping destination.

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Market America Helps Entrepreneurs Start Their Own E-commerce Businesses


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